Does the Better Business Bureau deserve a failing grade itself?

The once BBB accredited, Floors Today Express, has withdrawn its partnership with them. From fraudulent businesses holding an A plus rating to potential bribery to gain that highly ranked grade at a quite literal price, below are some first-hand encounters others have had with BBB that will raise some red flags.

Bad Business

In 2010, ABC’s 20/20 hosted a special investigation of the BBB regarding some questionable behavior on their part. Business owners are considering the possibility that BBB is running a “pay for play” scheme and has been for some time. One such example, which can be read here, depicts a fake company named “Hamas”, named after a terrorist group in the Middle East, that paid $425 to the BBB and were given an A minus grade to display on the internet.  Additionally, (or should we say “AMAZILINGLY”) this article states that the world renown companies “Ritz-Carlton, Wolfgang Puck Get F’s.”

According to Connecticut attorney general, Richard Blumenthal, “Right now, this rating system is really unworthy of consumer trust or confidence.” The rest of his opinion was aired in its entirety on the ABC investigative report special.

In 2015, CNN Money conducted their own investigation in this matter and found over 100 businesses that had high grade ratings, even though government regulators had taken serious action against them within the past year. Some of these businesses were deemed to be actual scams. You can read more of this article at CNN.

The bad news for BBB doesn’t stop there. Just this year, more articles are being published online about first-hand experiences over being asked to “pay” for better ratings.  When business owners refused to renew membership, or simply cancelled, their grade dropped drastically. Coincidence? Despite those from the BBB claiming, “simple mistakes”, it seems unlikely considering it happens so often. Form your own opinion after reading this information and stay mindful of schemes lurking behind friendly company names.