Walk in Bathtub: Safe Tub Design & Bathroom Upgrades

Walk in Bathtub: Safe Tub Design & Bathroom Upgrades   The New York Times posted an article back in 2011, disclosing that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shared surprising at home accident statistics. As it turns out, each

Does the Better Business Bureau deserve a failing grade itself?

The once BBB accredited, Floors Today Express, has withdrawn its partnership with them. From fraudulent businesses holding an A plus rating to potential bribery to gain that highly ranked grade at a quite literal price, below are some first-hand encounters

Express flooring trends of today

Once we become accustomed to something, details are harder to notice. As often as we leave and return to our home, it becomes difficult to notice how many refrigerator magnets are up, remember the color of the garbage bag straps,

4 ways to recreate Pinterest home decor

You can update your home with the latest trends in furniture, harmonizing paint schemes for washed-out walls and area carpets in an array of colors and styles. But if your home’s flooring itself is outdated or lackluster in upkeep, all

What is a luxury floor?

Flooring is arguably the most important feature of our home’s decor. Whether you have carpet, tile, wood or even concrete, your home’s floors are used every day – and without maintenance and upkeep, they can take on a less attractive,

Yelp Review (6/19/2019: Jasmine R. Louisville, KY) A Picture (or a dozen) is worth a thousand words! Trailer Home: Before      We Began the Work   Trailer Home: During    The Budget Busting Job (Discovered Concealed Additional Damage and Neglect) CREW HAD TO STAND In Fecal Matter!     Trailer Home: After Completing the Initial Estimate Work

Which Kitchen Cabinets are Best for You?

When you’re renovating your kitchen, there’s no one way to design your home. But how do you decide what look you want in your house? What will realistically match the rest of your house and look great for years to

Why Blinds are Better Than Curtains

You’ve heard the age-old (sort of) debate. Which are better window coverings, blinds or curtains? It could be a matter of personal opinion, but blinds are, after all, a solid choice for your home. Here’s why blinds are better than

Which European Quartz is right for you?

Without a doubt, European Quartz is having a moment as a hot home design trend. This is especially true for those who want a modern and minimalist white kitchen with lots of IG-ready live plants. And since darker tones are