Composite Decking

Fuss-free flooring that won’t rot


Composite Decking is a thoroughly modern material that rivals pricier alternatives usually found on outdoor decks. If you want that summer idyll backyard deck without all the scrubbing, staining, and bleaching, look no further. Made of plastic-composite that emulates freshly-cut cedar or oak without the wood rot, composite decking is a sustainable material crafted from plastic milk jugs, shopping bags, and sawdust. With an embossed surface that includes ultraviolet inhibitors and even a little wood fiber, you won’t regret composite decking as a low-maintenance alternative that will last for years to come.


When you purchase composite decking, expect to be blown away by its realistic wood grain perfect for the great outdoors.

  • Sustainable flooring option crafted from recycled materials
  • Highly durable
  • Rot-free
  • Perfect for outdoor spaces like decks and patios
  • Easy to clean
  • Low-maintenance


Every home looks different with Composite Decking. View our home gallery to learn more about the possibilities of this material in your home.

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