Kentucky Hardwood

Old-school hardwood that lasts


Plucked straight from the woods of Kentucky, you can trust that Kentucky Hardwood is the hardwood flooring you’ve been searching for. If other flooring types just don’t cut it, hardwood may be an ideal fit for your home. If you don’t want wood-look floor with printed, embossed wood features and prefer the real deal, traditional hardwood may just be the answer.


With Kentucky Hardwood, you can expect top-notch design and durability.

  • Traditional hardwood made of all-natural materials
  • Requires maintenance and sanding, but lasts for years to come
  • Classic and traditional material that looks great in every home
  • Can be easily refinished
  • Authentic wood grain that doesn’t have to be replicated with man-made materials


Every home looks different with Kentucky Hardwood. View our home gallery to learn more about the possibilities of this material in your home.

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