Made to look like hardwood or stone, laminate is a hybrid floor type made of pressed wood and particleboard. Laminate is known for its easy install process and behaves similarly to vinyl flooring but made with entirely different materials. With photorealistic and embossed features that make it look like wood, laminate is made of pressed wood and installed with foam underneath it for an easier walking experience.


Laminate is a solid option for pet owners and homeowners looking for an easy-install floor.

  • Waterproof
  • Made to emulate pricier alternatives like hardwood or stone
  • Floating installation required (glue-free)
  • Requires a solid subfloor
  • Softer flooring because of the foam installed beneath the laminate
  • Affordable for most homeowners
  • Scratch-resistant
  • Great flooring option for pet owners
  • Multi-layer boards make it a highly durable flooring solution


Every home looks different with Laminate. View our home gallery to learn more about the possibilities of this material in your home.

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