Luxury Vinyl Plank

Affordability meets wood-grain style


Finally, budgets and wood grain features are on speaking terms. Luxury vinyl plank, an alternative to hardwood flooring that also comes in plank form, is the ideal alternative for busy families who want low-maintenance flooring that will stand up to scratches, water stains, and mildew. While this type of vinyl flooring is designed to resemble hardwood flooring, it’s often more durable and customizable to the home.


When you purchase luxury vinyl plank, you can expect a high level of durability and easy clean-up.

  • Can be installed directly on an existing floor
  • Lasts up to 20 years
  • Objects are less likely to shatter on vinyl plank
  • Easier to stand on for longer periods of time
  • Water-resistant
  • Only requires routine sweeping and mopping to keep it in pristine condition
  • Enforced with Polyurethane (a material that has FDA-approval in the birth control sector)
  • Installed in planks


Every home looks different with luxury vinyl plank. View our home gallery to learn more about the possibilities of this material in your home.

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