Resilient Flooring

Strength is its middle name


When you order resilient flooring, you can expect it to hold up. Although resilient flooring includes types of vinyl flooring, it’s different from luxury vinyl plank because it is laid in tile formations. While tiles of the past would often chip during daily activities, resilient flooring retains well over time. Coated in composite material that guards the polymers from wear and tear, resilient floors are just as strong as they sound. Possible materials for resilient flooring in your home include asphalt tile, rubber, linoleum, cork, and poured resin.


When you purchase resilient flooring, you can expect a higher number of design possibilities because it can be made to look like almost any flooring type.

  • Easy install
  • Unlimited design possibilities that imitate pricier naturally-occurring materials
  • Works well in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Shatter-free
  • A mix of natural and manmade materials
  • Layers embedded with felt, which makes floors more durable for daily wear
  • Functional flooring in both residential and commercial areas


Every home looks different with resilient flooring. View our home gallery to learn more  about the possibilities of this material in your home.

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