Walk in Bathtub: Safe Tub Design & Bathroom Upgrades

Walk in Bathtub: Safe Tub Design & Bathroom Upgrades


The New York Times posted an article back in 2011, disclosing that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shared surprising at home accident statistics. As it turns out, each year around 235,000 people over 15 years of age are taken to the E.R due to injuries sustained in the bathroom of their home.

Almost 15% of those visits result in over-night stays, and more than a third of those clinic-bound trips are due to mishaps while showering or bathing. Jarring stats considering many of us shower 365 days of the year.

Just two years ago, statistics show that slips and falls in the bathtub are the main reasons for serious injury among the elderly. Our  Safetub Design service  specializes in providing walk-in tubs.

This minimizes the risk of falling or tripping drastically as these tubs have many features and upgrades that provide tremendous value and added safety measures to support removing this risk.

You can customize your tub to have different types of therapy (hydro, aroma, etc.), all tubs come with a warranty and the professional staff make it easier than ever to see if your bathroom qualifies for a walk-in tub by taking measurements and pictures – ensuring the best fit for your style and space.

Give the gift of safety and dignity to either yourself, or a loved one, that will be well-enjoyed and appreciated year after year by scheduling a Safe Tub Design appointment.  Please remember that nearly 30% of E.R visits occurring due to  bathing, investing in Safe Bathing sooner than later may be your best bet against hefty E.R co-pays, medical expenses and even fatalities.