What is a luxury floor?

Flooring is arguably the most important feature of our home’s decor.

Whether you have carpet, tile, wood or even concrete, your home’s floors are used every day – and without maintenance and upkeep, they can take on a less attractive, worn-out appearance.

Here’s where the term “luxury” comes into play.

Luxury vinyl plank (LVP): typically has a wood grain look and Luxury vinyl tile (LVT): typically has a stone look are two options available to spruce up your home’s most abused surface. LVP, again is designed to look like hardwood floors; coming in the same sizes as most wood planks. LVT, again is just as DIY-friendly with more leeway in orientation. These tiles can also be grouted for a more natural look. While these types of flooring sound like they’re geared for six-figure salaries, the truth is both are very affordable. Most luxury vinyl can be found between $1 and $5 per square foot.

Vinyl flooring was once considered a lesser alternative to the traditional options of wood, stone, etc., but times have changed as we’ve been made aware of the many values of this material. This type of luxury flooring has a coating that protects your floors from stains, dents, moisture, heat and other environmental impacts. That means no waxing and polishing for a glossy shine. Worried about noise? Luxury Vinyl is also available with soundproofing options for a quieter traffic path.  And if you’re one of the many pet-lovers out there, this type of flooring works great for them too! It’s resistant to scratches and makes for easier clean up from “accidents”. It’s perfect for the homeowner with low maintenance in mind.

Unlike other floors, LVP or LVT can be installed directly over existing subfloors, providing homes with a luxury touch without the hassle and additional demo costs.

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