Which European Quartz is right for you?

Without a doubt, European Quartz is having a moment as a hot home design trend. This is especially true for those who want a modern and minimalist white kitchen with lots of IG-ready live plants. And since darker tones are also making waves across the design world, it’s not too hard to see why more people are replacing their kitchen countertops with quartz. It’s a renovation that will help you get at least a 65 to 80 percent return on investment when you sell.

But which style of European Quartz is right for your kitchen? Here’s our guide to the styles we’re seeing in homes– and how you can get in on the trend, too.

Traditional Quartz

You’ve seen lots of design inspo and know what’s up. But what if you’re not looking to re-do your kitchen in a trendy style? What if you just want something classic?

Styles that emulate flavors like cappuccino or french vanilla are a solid choice if you want sleek, smooth countertops without too much movement. Yet classy Calacatta, with its thick veins and honed finish, will also look great, especially if you want it book-matched (this means that the patterns will flip open like a book and perfectly match!).

Architectural Quartz

On the other hand, your design style might incline towards the architectural. You’re looking for sharp veins and exciting contrast that draws notice immediately. While Pietra Gray has a fierce color, Arabescato delivers impact with defined lines that show the difference between crisp white and sand hues. For a black kitchen, the aptly named Black Mirror delivers a polished finish with impact, a starry sky for your countertops that reflects the light above it beautifully.

Lifestyle Quartz

You like trends, but they better last. The artistic Michelangelo blends hues together, blurring the line between ivory, cream, gray, and the lightest blue. With movement and light, such countertops draw attention without stark contrast. Unique colors like Mirage surprise in an era of purely white kitchens, a compliment to dark or light cabinets.

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