Which Kitchen Cabinets are Best for You?

When you’re renovating your kitchen, there’s no one way to design your home. But how do you decide what look you want in your house? What will realistically match the rest of your house and look great for years to come?

Here are some different styles of kitchen cabinets and the homes they look great in.

If your style is: Country

Definitely opt for white cabinets with matte fixtures. Ideally, the handles should contrast with the cabinets and feature a curvilinear shape in a dark tone. Avoid anything that’s too stark white and go for vanilla and cream tones that compliment warmer design features like hardwood floors and wooden beams a la Joanna Gaines.

If your style is: Modern

White kitchens might be hot this year but seek to be cutting-edge with a kitchen in darker tones like navy. Go for brushed metal fixtures in sleek silver or rose gold and avoid curved edges. Rectangular handles with clean edges look fresh with solid cabinets that don’t feature filigrees and instead let the simplicity of the color stand out.

If your style is: European

You’re not quite country and you don’t like anything that looks like it came out of a big box store. Instead, you’re looking for dark cabinets with thick, ornate matching handles that compliment a large sink faucet and rustic-looking fridge. Pair these cabinets with open shelving, an ornate oven hood, and some glass windows to show what’s inside those cabinets.

If your style is: Timeless

You don’t want your home to look like a time period. When friends and family walk in the door, you want them to see a contemporary home with features that blend in to everyday life. Pair dark kitchen cabinets with silver, rectangular handles that compliment a stainless-steel fridge and dishwasher.

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