Why Blinds are Better Than Curtains

You’ve heard the age-old (sort of) debate. Which are better window coverings, blinds or curtains? It could be a matter of personal opinion, but blinds are, after all, a solid choice for your home. Here’s why blinds are better than curtains.

They’re more affordable.

While outfitting your home in quality curtains can cost into the thousands, blinds only cost a few hundred dollars. Plus, they’re easier to clean and don’t have to be taken off the wall to have any dirt or dust removed.

Blinds provide better light control.

While curtains only offer you two options (open or closed!), you have more options with blinds. You can leave blinds partially or completely open and lift the sash completely or just slightly while letting in some air from the open window. You don’t have to worry about peering from behind curtains when you don’t want to be seen in the daytime.

Blinds save you money on your electric bill.

Big open windows may look great on the ‘gram, but they’re not so hot on the budget. You’re saving on your bill because of that light control. When you can leave the blinds partially open, you’re getting all the light you want and none you don’t. Although you can see the daytime light, you’re not entirely subject to its rays.

You can use blinds with curtains if you want their style.

If you’re really set on the look and feel of curtains, you could always add them later. Get blinds to save on your bill initially and then install some curtains to give your living room just a little extra boost of style.

Blinds come in a wide variety of materials.

From wood blinds to fabric shades, you’re not limited on choices. Whether you’d like rolling roman shades that are cord-free or woven wood blinds that roll, there are so many design options for every home.

They give you better privacy.

Fortunately, with blinds, the neighbors won’t be living vicariously through your experiences. You might get daytime light in, but they won’t be able to see what you’re doing since the windows won’t be wide open.

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